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Animated Explainer Video on your Website: Do’s and Don’ts

Whenever you visit a website, do you feel comfortable reading the long-form text? No. Right? Okay! Are you interested in watching an animated explainer video with the text? Yeah, this sounds good. 

We all know videos have the best engagement power and can connect more deeply with the audience. And, out of them, Animated Explainer Video are one of the most effective ways to create a valuable experience for a customer. They not only help in brand awareness but also increase traffic and generate high conversions for businesses. 

But, do you know how to get some extra benefit from these explainer videos? 

Yeah, you can achieve but there’s a secret behind that. High animated explainer video work only if placed correctly under the right circumstances.  

Do you know what is the perfect animated explainer video outline? Click Here!

To make this more clear, today we are going to discuss how greatly you can combine animated explainer video with your website and create a compelling experience for your customer.

Placing the explainer videos in the right place is very necessary. So, first, let us discuss what are the best spots of the website where you can place your explainer videos.

You can place your Animated Explainer video in the:

  1. Homepage of the website
  2. Your blog posts
  3. Landing page



Whenever you visit a website, the Homepage is the first page that appears in front of you. After scrolling through the homepage, you learn about the niche of the website, the problem they are solving, the products/services they are offering, etc. This is the place where you decide whether you are interested in their solution or not. 

Let’s suppose you add an animated explainer video to the homepage, now think what will happen!

The video will help the audience effectively understand your solutions than before. You will sound more professional and trustworthy to your audience. They will take interest in your services and will spend more time on your website. In the longer run, an animated explainer video will boost your website ranking and you will rank higher on search results.


Blog posts

Blog posts are written to add value to people’s lives. It also helps showcase knowledge and gain trust for your brand. If you add a flavor of video to your blog, it will help your readers have a better understanding of the problem you solve, your solutions and services, etc. 

Also, videos will make your blog posts look more appealing and attractive and hence, generate more leads for your services.


Landing Page

The landing page is the page designed to convert your audience into leads. So, if you place an animated explainer video on your landing page, it will help the page work more effectively than before. Explainer videos will explain your products/services quickly and in a better way. And, as a result, it will persuade visitors to take action fast.

Now, you know some of the best spots where you must place your explainer videos. So, we will discuss some of the important things regarding animated explainer video.


Secrets Regarding Use Of Animated Explainer Video On Your Website


Things you must do:

  • Place your animated explainer video on right spots and make them easily visible

If you are investing your time and money in creating high-quality explainer videos then, make sure it is easily visible on the website. 

Explainer videos illustrate your message and connect with the viewers. It helps them identify their pain points and convinces how your products/services can make their lives better.

If you don’t place your explainer videos nicely then, the whole process will be destroyed and you will fail to achieve your goals.

So, what should be your steps?

In the above section, we discussed the rights spots of the website where you can place your explainer videos. So, follow all those points and then you will see a great difference.


  • Keep a clear perspective towards your value proposition

If a person is visiting your website, he/she needs a clear and proper answer about your business, the products/services you are offering, and that too in less time. No one wants to waste time reading your long text-based introduction. If they face the same experience on their first visit, they will get frustrated and move on to some other brand. 

There’s a famous saying: the first impression is the last impression. So, to make sure your audience gets a wonderful experience on your website, use explainer videos.

Explainer videos create a big difference. It answers all the questions like what is the uniqueness of your services, how you are better than your competitors, and how your solutions can make their lives better.


  • Follow some hacks regarding autoplay and muteplay

Using autoplay in your videos makes it easy for your audience to switch on to the other videos, without clicking every time on completion. But, sometimes it can annoy your audience. So, do follow these steps while using autoplay:

  • The sound of your video should be disabled as default. Let your audience decide whether they want video sound or not.
  • Make sure your video is short, simple, and concise.
  • Ignore adding too many motions to the video as it may distract the audience from the main objective.
  • Check the preview of the video and see what happens when the audience hits the play button of your video. 


Things you must focus:

  • Concentrate on all areas of the website

Placing explainer videos on the homepage, landing page, product page, blog posts is a very good step. But, at the same time you also need to focus on other things:

  • See whether pages of your website provide easy navigation to other pages on your website or not
  • Every content of your page encourages more browsing and further interaction or not
  • Your website pages should be made in a way that builds strong bonds with your audience, encourages them to gather more information about your brand, and finally, close the deal.


  • Don’t avoid the written text-based content

Explainer videos attract your audience but don’t ignore the text part. Your written copy also plays a major part in your website:

  • Provides complete guidance to your audience, all through their website journey
  • Makes a clear perspective about the page and the end goal
  • Builds a clear Call-to-action for your website
  • Helps in improving your website ranking on search engines

So, to achieve maximum benefit from your explainer videos, focus on creating a killer and compelling copy. Make your content short, engaging, and concise. Use proper headings, subheadings, bulleted lists, and targeted keywords with powerful Call-to-actions. And, then see what an excellent result it gives!


  • Keep your vision clear

Explainer videos are used to achieve many goals:

  • Help viewers understand more about your products/services
  • Build brand trust among your audience
  • Improve your digital presence
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Increase conversions and get more leads for your solutions


If I ask you what is your goal behind using explainer videos? Your answer might range within the above goals.

Make sure you are targeting a single goal because approaching too many goals can destroy your marketing strategy. 

However, if you are towards a single objective then, you are right! It will help you measure your video performance in a better way. You will be able to make modifications according to the results and work towards an effective video marketing strategy.



Today, everyone is running in a competition to attract their target audience. If you want to win, you need to catch their attention and for that, focus on creating wonderful experiences for them. 

The use of a unique and effective marketing strategy will help you stand out from the competition. And, Explainer videos are one of the strategies that work effectively here. They not only help viewers understand your brand in an effective, engaging, and entertaining way but also creates a fantastic impression that further leads to their conversions.

Now. you are completely ready to move with explainer videos. Make sure to follow all the strategies, do’s, don’ts about placing explainer videos on your website. It will make a big difference in your results.

If you are planning for a high-quality explainer video, Webwooz Media will be happy to help you! Connect with us today and we will help you create most according to your awesome ideas and requirements.


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