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The Problem With Waiting To Invest In An Explainer Video

Do you know people make a lot of excuses for not investing in any video or explainer video?

When we ask them why it is so, people clarify that they don’t know where to start or invest in videos. Also, they worry about the time, effort, and money that will be spent, and moreover, their team is not eligible to handle the project.

If you are also facing the same problems, we assure you that you don’t have to weave through all these complexities yourself. Instead, you can handle this pressure to a team of specialists at a reasonable price.

If you take outside help, it will be easy for you to start producing great results for your business/company.

Otherwise, you will keep waiting for the right time to invest in Animated Videos. Well, do you know that there are many downsides that you are not aware of? Now, let us first have a look at some downsides in the given points.


Your Audience Will Not Get Clear Message Unless You use Video

Can you tell with confidence that your team members and customers are fully aware of your business? Well, we know you would probably feel some improvement in this process. So, if you want your business to grow and stay competitive in a niche, you need to fill the gap in how the audience perceives and understands your business message. 

A customer buys a product only if they understand the message and value of a business. An explainer video helps to align with the core message of your business. You know you can tell your story in a better and concise way. With the help of outside specialists, you can refine the message that drives the best conversion.

If you want to achieve the top position in your niche or want your customers to take action, then it’s essential to have a clear and sound message. And, this is accomplished only by the medium of effective storytelling. Your story should touch the pain-points of customers. Moreover, a piece of effective information will help you stand out from the competition and highlight your unique value proposition.


You Are Missing A Lot Of Opportunities to create an impact By Not Using Video.

You would not believe us if we tell you about the great opportunities that you are missing in the absence of a clear message. Some of these examples include:

  • Your audience is abandoning your product after a free trial,
  • The sales team are losing customers,
  • Your customers are skipping from your website or landing pages because you cannot hold their attention with a visually attractive, compelling, educational video,
  • Email campaigns are lacking engagement.

In conclusion, you are missing many opportunities to build trust and establish authority for your brand by not using the video content. On the other hand, if you use explainer video, it gives your branding a professional look and shows your investment in your brand. It also follows the way your audience wants to consume content.


Don’t Just Rely On Word Of Mouth Referrals.

We all know that referrals are a great way to grow your business. But, can you predict how effective it will be for your business? We know you can’t because referrals are mostly unpredictable. So, it’s better to have a great system that brings qualified leads to your business. 

In video marketing, the message in the video drives conversion and helps your customers throughout their buying journey. Once your video analytics and tracking are set up properly, you can develop high quality leads more quickly and effectively than before.

Do you know explainer video can be a great partner in increasing referrals? 

Yes, we are saying a secret truth. Use Video in the marketing process for your new product or service. And, you will see an excellent conversion. If your Video is providing value to the people, it’s more likely that your existing customers will share your Video with people that can benefit from your services.


Work With A Team Of Specialists To Get Started With Effective Video

We have observed that many people are not using the Video because they fear that creating explainer video content will be a hard-working and time-consuming job. 

In case, if you have missed our previous blog on The Perfect Animated Explainer Video Outline! Have a look at it!


You didn’t need to lift the pressure of creating videos because specialists are there to handle all of that. We will combinedly work to understand your objectives/goals and message. Our experienced professionals will work on the development, professional writers will help in writing a killer script, and the design team will work on the visual elements. You need to provide us with feedback.

Once your final product is ready, we will implement all of our great resources in your Video. You need to have faith in the process by starting with one Video, and then, we will help in creating further videos as required by you.

When you observe how easy it is to collect referrals and leads, you will wonder why you didn’t start the Video sooner.



In conclusion, getting started with explainer video doesn’t involve a complicated process when you have a team of professionals. Remember that the sooner you start investing in video marketing, the more you can generate quality leads for your business and avoid all the silent opportunity costs. Video is beneficial in refining your message, accelerating word of mouth referrals and making you a winner in your niche.


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