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How to build brand loyalty with video content

In this article, we will be discussing how to build a strong foundation for your brand with the help of video content.

Let’s dive into detail.

Today, if you are looking to sell your products and services then, finding new customers is a very long and hectic process. 

Instead, going with an existing customer is easier. 

Research says that existing customers spend more money on your products or services than the new ones.

So, it’s better to motivate and encourage your existing customer to continue supporting your business.

This is termed as creating a strong Brand Loyalty.


Now, you might think about what is the term brand loyalty. So, let us explain it. 


Brand Loyalty


Whenever you need a product or service, do you think of a trustworthy or your favorite brand, whom you think fits and qualifies all your needs? Do you consider them as a quality brand?

If Yes, then you are a loyal consumer of that brand.


Similarly, it is very necessary to create loyal customers for your brand/business. Loyal recurring customers help in building sustainable cash flow through repeated purchases and brand loyalty. Also, it will help in word of mouth – your customers will tell their friends, family, colleagues, about your products and services.


Now, there’s a question. How to make this happen?

The answer is simple. You need to create result-driven content to grab your audience’s trust.

And, how can you do this?

Gain the trust of your audience with your valuable content.

There are different ways of creating content among which one of the best ways is to develop a smart video content strategy. 


How Video content helps you build a loyal brand? 

As a brand, you should be creating content that educates your audience. You need to find ways where your content helps your audience grow professionally.

In this case, visual content has a much stronger impact while creating content as a brand.

Videos help build a strong trust and bond with your audience in a personal way. It creates easy-to-consume content that forms a trust between your customers and your brand. Most businesses tend to do business with the company if they get a personalized experience.

In the present market, it is possible to make different types of video content for attracting your audience towards your products/services. So, what kind of videos should you create? Which type of videos will result in customer retention?


1o Reasons to use Video in your Content Marketing


Video content types that help build brand 


Choosing the type of video content matters but creating valuable videos is a must. 

The video types range from feedback and reactions from happy customers to a wide range of video content such as vlogs, live videos, demonstrations of new features from your products and services, etc. 


3 Reasons why your customers demand Brand Video from you


Welcome Videos

Welcome videos are the best way to introduce a new audience to your brand. The new one feels good and special to be part of your community. You can also use these welcome videos as instructional videos for your product/service. The main goal behind all of these is to engage your viewers.


Thank You Videos

Always remember to nurture the relationships between you, your brand, and your customer. For this, whenever a customer purchases your products/services, express gratitude towards them. And, here comes the thank you videos. These video content show your customer that you value and respect their purchase. They will be happy to see you go that extra mile. 


FAQ Videos

FAQ videos act as educational videos and help your customers know the benefits of the products/services purchased from you. These videos can be used to provide simple tutorials, tips, and tricks to your customers.


Offer Videos

These videos can be used to attract customers and help them feel special. You can introduce them to new products/services by offering exclusive offers, made just for them. 


Upsell Videos

Upsell videos offer complementary products/services to your audience. This video content helps your audience understand the benefits, advantages, and solutions to their pain-points. Just remember one important point. Your new product or service should relate to the last service they bought in the past. Try to add some additional benefits to the new one.


Animated Explainer Videos

If you want to create a strong brand loyalty then, high engagement videos are a must. So, for that, you can go for high-quality animated explainer videos. This video content is simple, concise, entertaining, attractive, and easily catches the audience’s attention.

You can see the benefits of animated explainer videos in our other articles. Check it out 👉 Benefits of Explainer Videos


Bonus Points

  1. Always focus on keeping high-quality content for your videos
  2. Try to keep the length of the video as short as you can. Make sure you can deliver your message in that short time.
  3. Remember that your goal is to increase brand loyalty. So, focus on that completely.
  4. Keep a track of the metrics, about your goals:
  • Your video engagements, shares, likes, comments, interactions,
  • Average time period people are spending on your video,
  • Record of viewers who are converting and using your call-to-actions,
  • Make the necessary improvements according to your results.


Now, it’s your call to take action!

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