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6 Tried and Tested Ways To Find Clients As Creative Freelancer

How to find clients?: Have you ever given much thought to this question?

What sets apart design firms from each other that makes clients pick any one of them over the other? We did, so you don’t have to. Here is a list of 6 things that will increase your chances of getting booked by a client… without putting in much work.

Let’s get going.

Update your portfolio regularly.

An outdated portfolio can seriously prevent you from attracting any potential new clients. They want to know what you’re doing right now, not what you were doing three years ago. Keep in mind that the positions you will be hired for are the ones you have in your portfolio! However, simply having a website does not ensure that visitors will find you. You must promote your work if you want to draw in new clients.


If you have a website, make sure it contains pertinent content like work examples and client testimonials. Also, makes it simple to find your contact information.

Create content to attract more clients.

You owe it to yourself, your past, present, and potential clients, if you’re a designer with a website, to have a blog there. This is to demonstrate our experience and establish you as an expert. But before you begin blogging, you must identify your target audience.


You might believe that readers are interested in reading articles on design. However, the key is to develop blog entries that will interest the audience you are attempting to reach. Like case studies, client advice, and How-To’s etc. By doing that, you’ll grab the attention of the appropriate individuals, and given enough time, it may result in you getting a new job.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

A lot of hiring managers use LinkedIn to identify the best applicant for their available position. An updated profile will stand out on LinkedIn, which is an excellent method to present a digital cover sheet before an interview, whether it’s for a full-time job or a one-off assignment.


Your LinkedIn profile, however, cannot be treated the same as your Facebook page. Your page must include a summary, and your experience and qualifications must be current. It’s crucial to include relevant work examples from previous projects you may have worked on, as well as a profile photo that looks polished.

Having recommendations from previous clients helps show recruiters that your work stands out from the competition.


You’re not the first to ask the question “How to find clients as a freelancer?” Almost all freelance creatives (or even companies) are struggling with finding the right audience. Many individuals sigh when they hear the word networking. Those are the kinds of clients you should avoid. Finding clients can be largely facilitated through networking. You ought to be at conferences or neighborhood professional meetups at a local bar. Bring some business cards, please.


Meeting in person leaves a better impression than speaking with someone on the phone or online. It’s necessary to go to events that are relevant to your field of expertise, but it’s even more crucial to go to events where your potential client might be present.


Make a contact marketing strategy.

This advice shakes things up a little. Choosing a list of the ideal clients you want to work with and sending them a tailored gift to catch their attention and set up a meeting are both examples of contact marketing strategies.


Anything with a unique message, from a coffee mug to even something related to their industry, will stick out.


Never undervalue the impact that a modest, inexpensive present sent via mail can have on a potential customer.

Create case studies

Case studies are a great method to show prospective clients the outcomes and success you have had on a certain project. Case studies often include information about the client, any difficulties that might have arisen, your method, and the outcomes of your work on the project. A case study can provide an overview of how effectively you’ve collaborated with others in the past and what working with you will be like for a prospective client.


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That’s it! You have 6 powerful moves that will set you apart from a lot of other competitors in the market and help you attract more audience and find clients in no time. So, how do you plan on implementing them, and which one do you think is the most powerful of them all? Let us know in the comments below.

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