Character Design 101: A Guide to Creating Memorable Characters

In today’s digital age, character design has become an essential aspect of creating any media content. Be it animation, video games, or even advertising, characters have the power to capture our attention and leave a lasting impression. 


A well-designed character can even become an icon, synonymous with the media they represent. In this blog, we’ll explore the fundamentals of character design, the importance of a character’s backstory, and the steps involved in bringing your characters to life.

What is Character Design?

Character design refers to the process of creating a unique, recognizable character for use in various media. It involves creating a visual representation of a character’s physical appearance, personality, and backstory. The ultimate goal is to create a character that is not only visually appealing but also memorable and identifiable.

Use Cases

Character design is used in a wide range of media, from animation and video games to advertising and branding. In animation and video games, characters are the primary focus of the media, and their design is essential to the success of the project. In advertising and branding, characters are often used to represent a brand, product, or service. Their design is crucial to creating brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Before starting the character design process, it’s important to do some research and gather references. This can involve looking at existing characters, exploring different styles and art forms, and studying real-life people and animals. Referencing can help you to understand what works and what doesn’t, and can also help to inspire new ideas.

Character’s Backstory

Once you have an idea for your character, it’s important to plan out their backstory. The character’s backstory should include details about their personality, motivations, and history. This information can help to inform the character’s design and also help to create a more well-rounded and believable character.

Think about Character’s Personality

The character’s personality is a key aspect of their design. Are they bold and confident or shy and introverted? Do they have a sense of humor or are they serious and brooding? These personality traits can be reflected in the character’s design through their facial expression, body language, and clothing.

Shape it up. Use basic shapes. (Silhouette)

When creating a character design, it’s important to think about the character’s silhouette. A strong silhouette can help to make the character more recognizable and memorable. Basic shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles can be used to create a simple yet effective silhouette.

Create lots of thumbnails

When creating a character design, it’s important to explore different options. Creating multiple thumbnails can help to refine the design and identify what works best. You can be pretty experimental in this step as this step will determine your personalisation the best.

Consider color hierarchy

Color is an essential part of character design. The colors used can help to convey the character’s personality and emotions. It’s important to consider the color hierarchy, or the order in which colors are used. This is to ensure that the design is balanced and visually appealing.


Sketch out the character

Once you have a solid idea for the character, it’s time to start sketching. Sketching can help to refine the design and identify any areas that need further development. In this step, you realize the character, that so far, was in your head.


Go ahead, be imaginative.

Make it ready to roll

After the character has been sketched out, it’s time to finalize the design. This involves adding details such as lighting, shading, texture, and color. It’s important to make sure that the design is consistent and visually appealing from all angles.


In conclusion, character design is an essential aspect of creating visual stories or various media (print or digital) and gaming content. By following the fundamentals of character design, including creating a backstory, considering the character’s personality, and exploring different design options, you can create a unique, memorable character that will capture the attention of your audience.

A well-designed character can even become an icon, synonymous with the media they represent. So whether you’re creating an animation, video game, or advertising campaign, investing time and effort into character design can help to create a successful and memorable project.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your designing journey today!

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