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3 Reasons Why Your Customers Demand Brand Video From You

Videos have entirely changed the process of marketing. Nowadays, the brand video has started dominating the content industry. People are using videos for everything, which includes learning, informing, entertaining, educating, etc.

 You might have noticed businesses publishing high-quality, valuable videos for their branding & marketing. Today, entrepreneurs are using animated or live-action videos on their landing pages. 

Also, Hulu and Netflix are producing great and amazing online shows, running on the web. These companies have proved the potential of brand video and have uniquely defined video benefits.


The Future of Video Marketing

You cannot deny the fact that online video is the most trending content of this digital era. The Guardian estimated that video marketing alone would comprise 69% of the online traffic, and 64% of marketers would play a significant role in their marketing strategies over the next years

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We know you might be knowing about the benefits of video marketing. Well, in this article, we are taking a different approach. We all know videos are trending. But, do you know why is it so? Why are online videos gaining popularity on social media channels? What is the reason that are driving people to watch videos? 

These are some of the most critical questions that, as marketers, we should be asking. If you understand why people are watching the brand video, then, you will get to know how to make your videos better. 

So, here are some of the reasons why videos are gaining popularity among the audience:


  1. Visuals are quick and build trust among the audience 


Whenever you look for some information on any topic, you will find thousands of results. And, you get confused about which text-based article is more trustworthy than another.

The same is not the case with video marketing. Almost everyone can identify a low-quality animation, a bad-quality audio or camera quality. And, when an audience comes across a high-quality brand video, they pay attention because videos created professionally attracts the audience.


Bonus Points: Now, many low-budget videos have great, legitimate content. Also, not all high-budget videos are trustworthy. But, the most crucial point is that people are more likely to trust the value and information you present. In conclusion, you need a high-quality, well-produced video with a piece of valuable information. That’s all! 


  1. Your audience is more likely to share your video content: Because it’s easy and entertaining

Do you know how does an online video goes viral? Yes, you guessed, right! As it is passed on from person to person, the video goes viral. Only, you need a good-quality video. You can probably get your friends and family to watch a video. People share videos because it is easy to pass it along.

However, people only share the good stuff. Moreover, brand video is worth sharing when they were funny, entertaining, engaging, moving, etc.


Bonus Points: Whenever someone watches something and enjoy it, they tell other people and share it. It is the benefit of video marketing. But your video should be worth sharing. It should be entertaining, educational, honest, funny, moving, and memorable.


  1. Videos make things simple: And, simple things are easy to remember

There is some science involved in this concept. Usually, when you hear or read something, you’re using your auditory sense. But if you watch a video, your auditory, visual, and gestural senses are stimulated combinedly at once, which makes you more likely to remember what you’ve seen.

Do you know a great and awesome brand video can move people like no other form of media? The right combination of music, visuals, narration, and motion can let viewers experience the whole range of human emotion. And, when you add emotion to your videos, you make yourself even more memorable.


Bonus Points: If you want your audience to remember about you and your business then, video is the best way to attract your audience. It is just another of the reasons to invest in video.

Well, there are many, many more reasons why people choose video over text-based media. But, these are some of the great reasons for using videos. They tell you what kind of videos you should be used for marketing & branding. It is excellent if you can build a loyal customer base that cares enough to talk about you and your company. 


That’s the reason we make explainer videos. Explainer videos are those short, (frequently) animated, attractive, entertaining videos that are trending in this current digital era. You may have seen them commonly on a company’s landing page. These videos make your sales cycle short, help in increasing conversions, and boost sales for your business.


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