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The Perfect Animated Explainer Video Outline!

Explainer videos help in higher rank on search engines, convert your leads into customers, and increase your sales. Now the question arises what is an explainer video or explanatory video or animated explainer video?


Well, we can define explainer video as a short video that:

(i) describes a product or a service,

(ii) capturing people’s attention, and,

(iii) making an informed buying decision.


To make an impact on people, you need to create a compelling animated explainer video. To create a useful explainer video, you need to make your message simple and easy to understand. Moreover, your message should contain a strong story that causes the audience to take action.


Here, you will get a complete insight into:

(a) Ingredients of a successful explainer video,

(b) The perfect explainer video outline, and,

(c) How your business can benefit from an animated explainer video.


Successful Animated Explainer Video


Let’s dive into the topic seven ingredients of a successful explainer video:


1) Simplicity

A 60-second video has about 150 words. So, make sure to keep the video simple. Everyone needs some time to retain what they are watching, and so don’t over fully explainer videos with a lot of content.


2) Script is everything

For a compelling animated explainer video, you need to have a good and killer content. So don’t trust this step. Studies show that if you stimulate the audio content, people remember only 10% of what they hear. Whereas, if you encourage both audio and visual content, then people will retain up to 70%.


3) Little to no jargon:

Never sound so complicated that people tune you out. You need to sound smart from your content, so think what sets you apart and what makes you unique from others.


4) Address the right audience:

For marketing, you need to target the right audience, so do proper research on your niche. Additionally, find out your audience, know about them, and speak to them more efficiently.


5) Triggers and emotion:

If you want your content to become memorable, then sprinkle some feeling in your content. When emotion is triggered, then people are much more likely to remember your content.


6) Tells a story:

Stories are an essential part of your content. If you frame a story, people will be more likely to connect with you. Don’t include too many details in it because nobody wants to hear that. Instead, use stories to influence decision-makers.


7) A clear call to action:

Make it clear for your audience what you want them to do. So, tell them about the action, and they will likely do as you ask. Call to action varies:

  • Purchasing your product or service,
  • Signing up for your newsletter,
  • Downloading your app,
  • Visiting your website, or;
  • Give you a call.


The Perfect Animated Explainer Video Outline

1. Problem 

Get connected with your audience by showing them your empathy and get them to relate to the problem. Make sure to show your relevance. If you want to touch their emotions, use some emotional triggers that can be funny, uplifting, upsetting, or offensive. Your emotion should hit hard for them to be able to remember your content

2. Solution 

At this stage, the viewer has developed a connection with you and the video. Try to solve all their problems and provide solutions through your content. Also, provide little detail on the benefits. 

3. How it works 

Explain your audience why you are better than your competitor, what’s the unique quality you have that sets you apart from others. Always share the top three advantages that set your solution apart. In addition, you can include details about your product or service. 

4. Conclusion: 

Provide some facts on how you solved the original problem and give them a call to action such as Click the link, Sign up today, Check out our website, or any other that tells your audience to take action. Always remember that people take action based on your company’s story, and if that part is done well, then nothing can stop your company from reaching success. So, making a useful animated explainer video is highly suggested.


Explainer Videos Benefits


1) Increase conversion rates: 

According to an internet retailer report, up to 85 per cent of the audience is more likely to buy a product if they see an animated explainer video. It helped :

  • Rypple (who recently sold to SalesForce) increased their conversion rates by 20%
  • CaseComplete topped the game 23%, and, 
  • CrazyEgg increased their conversion rates by 64% by adding an explainer video to their homepage.


2) Better Google results:

Fact says that websites having video content are 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google. It’s a fact that videos with thumbnails are 41% more likely to get clicked than a text listing. Now, since you are on the first page of Google, more people will watch your video, and eventually, out of the many will buy your product, you will earn a good amount.


3) Your perfect pitch:

It’s not easy to tell people or make them understand what you do clearly and concisely every time. So, there comes an animated explainer video. Explainer video delivers a perfect pitch to the audience, and you don’t even have to be there. If you choose the best and right explainer video partner, you can create a perfect company story that can further be used on your website, pitches, email marketing, and many more.


4) Easily shareable:

 With the perfect pitch, now you can easily share your story with the whole world. According to Google reports, 6 out of 10 prefer watching online video than television. So, take full benefit of animated explainer video and boost your business. Videos are easily shareable. They can be sent to anyone and viewed by thousands or even millions. Moreover, people use them in meetings, conferences, and more.


5) Return-on-Investment(ROI): 

Explainer video companies usually produce videos at much better and affordable rates than agencies, so take advantage and spend a little amount to get a useful reward. For instance, Dropbox spent $50,000 on an explainer video. As a result, their story brought 5 million new customers and $24 M in revenue. Also, CrazyEgg increased its revenue of $21,000 a month.


It’s Your Time to Make the Call

Videos are a necessary part of the overall marketing strategy. Explainer videos can benefit you and your business at each stage of the customer buying life cycle, i.e., traffic generation, conversion, retention, and beyond. However, videos should not be used ideally. They should be combined with other marketing activities to create the maximum impact on the audience. If you are still thinking about using videos for your business, now is the correct time to get benefited before it’s too late. If you are searching for experts to help you get started with your videos, then connect with us today, onwards!

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