Why You Should Think About Getting An Explainer Video!


Most of the company struggles to get the audience even if their product is extremely good and solves major issues. Even after spending a significant amount on promotion and marketing, they did not get expected results. They can’t explain their product or process shortly and concisely.

Due to less interaction with customers, their conversion ratio impacts the sales graph. Brands don’t fail due to their products or services are not outstanding; they meet failure because they are unable to explain their complex business in a simple manner. Or they can’t convey the message in the right way. Sometimes brands fail because they can’t generate curiosity into their customers which encourages them to learn more about their products.

Today, marketing is not about being in front of your target audience. Instead, you have to be convenient enough to drive your audience’s attention, and help them in making the right buying decision. In that way, your brand can build authenticity in your industry.

But how to convey your message in the right way? How to grab the attention? How to present your brand effectively.

Two things to remember,

As a marketer, you need to tell a story. And, you need to tell a story quickly.

That’s where video comes in. An animated explainer video helps in telling your story and explaining your complex process quickly.

Do you know how?

Humans are weird when it comes to the story. Out of this curiosity, we learn better when we get to see things, relate to the experience, or feel something.  In that way, we remember things for a long. More than 65% of the population learns from explainer videos. And the science behind it is, explainer videos convert complicated and lengthy information into a short story with visuals, and audios. That helps users to recall and understand your message quickly. Even more, color psychology also triggers views of specific thoughts and feelings.


Interesting right?

Explanatory videos are the best way to explain the business, like what they do, and why or how a customer can utilize their product and services. And in the past recent years, it has been proved that explanatory video has the great potential to increase the conversion and profit.

People prefer watching over reading, as it’s easy and convenient. At present, every big and small company in every sector are investing in explainer videos, some famous examples are:

● Apple Mobiles


● HDFC Bank

● McDonald’s Food Chain

● Swiggy, and Zomato

And many more, explanatory video helps these businesses to boost their sales and increase profit.


Current statistics about “Explainer Videos” as a marketing tool:

● According to HubSpot, more than 81% of companies are showcasing videos on their website.

● From 2016 to 2020, up to 60% of social media marketing and 80% of internet traffic is boosted with online videos

● According to the Topexplainers survey, they found 99% of those who are already using videos will continue their marketing strategy with videos.

● 77% of viewers watch an explainer video for up to 2 minutes

● 76% of people say if brand videos are entertaining, then they share it

● 65% prefer to share informative videos.


Well, if you use explainer video, then you will have 50x more chances to increase traffic and ranking on Google.


Using Explainer Videos for your business:

● Videos are more popular on social media. 

With the greater use of social media, it is now effortless to reach a large amount of audience because of the matter of fact that everybody in the world is now using social media channels whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or any other platform.

Here you can define your target audience as per your product through the market, and audience analysis. You can also run ad campaigns as it is one of the most applied methods for converting users to potential buyers.

● Increase Conversion Rates. 

As per an ongoing review led by Video Rascal, 85 percent of individuals are bound to purchase an item once they see an explainer video. Publishing an explainer video online gives lots of advantages, one who is getting data such as how many people like your video, how many visitors become your customer, what is the conversion rate and more. Thus it helps you in many ways.

● Help you to explain complex problems & solutions effortlessly. 

Video is a medium where you can show so many things in a shorter period. You can show your creativity with it. People do not want to listen to a list of reasons why your product is excellent, but they want to know why they use your product and with an explainer video. You can show the complete process in brief how your products or services solve user’s problems, and that’s what they are looking for.

● Video is the most preferred medium for mobile users. 

Every person in the world now has a mobile phone in his or her pocket surfing through the internet. Study shows that over half of the video content is viewed on mobile since it is convenient to share and communicate with each other. People like to share what they relate, and thus it will be easy for a business to reach a higher number of audiences.

And, as we have already discussed the fact that between long and texts, people always prefer video.


At last!

If you have reached here, I believe you have got some idea about the explanatory video. Fun fact is “video content processed 50,000 times faster by our brains rather than text”. This is why explanatory video is helpful, and the best way to boost your business in the market.

These are the things that you might be missing when you use Videos for your Business. You’ve very little time to engage with your audience and explain what your business does. And, the reason is a shorter attention span.

Many businesses struggle when it comes to telling a story within that short time. And further, they lose their audience or clients. Here, have you ever thought about using an animated explainer video?
Let us know your views in the below comments!


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