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eMotion Talk Episode 01 – Business Storytelling

Welcome to the first episode of The eMotion Talk. In this episode, Jigar Chopra takes you on his journey to build an emotional connection with you as an audience. He shares a little bit of his story, about curiosity & passion. And how the love for cartoons and visual business storytelling pushed him towards starting Webwooz Media.

In the second half, the episode unfolds some key points in storytelling and how businesses can drive emotions in a very balanced manner. In the current scenario, technology is not so advanced yet, that you can skip human conversation. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C business, you have to deal with humans. And, humans are driven by emotions. So, this episode revolves around the role of stories and emotions in business. 

As a business, it is essential to tap your audience’s emotions. And, for this, you need two things. First is human needs which add value to your audience. And, second is business storytelling which connects your brand to their emotions. 

How can you identify human needs? 

Well, there are seven basic human needs to consider which are consistency, variability, status, connection, self-expression, growth, and contribution. 

You need to identify two human needs that your audience resonates the most with. And, as a result, your company can value what your customers exactly care about. All you need to do is connect with their emotion and let them know that you care about their needs.


Now, comes the second part… Business Storytelling

If you are not getting the result of the expected sale, then the problem may not be the technology but communication. And, that’s where business storytelling comes in.

Your audience is a group of different personalities. So, for any company to connect with its audience would require to connect with these personalities. And for that, you need different connection points for each of those personalities. Here, stories can help you out. And, this way you can reach a wider audience on a personal emotional level. 


In conclusion, you are driving their emotions towards your company. And, in return, your company is offering them real value for their needs. So, the alignment between stories and human needs creates an incredible experience for your customers.


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