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10 Reasons To Use Video In Your Content Marketing

This truth cannot be denied that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. But this strategy shouldn’t be taken lightly. Do you know YouTube is among the second largest search engines on the internet? Yes, we are right!

If you are interested in grabbing the full benefits of video marketing, then you need to achieve a front-runner position in your content marketing planning. 


Here are the top 10 reasons you should be using video in your content marketing strategy:


  1. Engagement Increases With the Help of Videos


You might have heard a lot of times that visual content is a great way to create massive engagement. The same principle applies to video too. So, use video-based content on your social networks.


Do you know the audience engages ten times more on video content than long-form blogs or other posts? Yes, we are right!

In addition, they are more likely to comment, share, or embed your videos than different ranges.


  1. An Era of Video-favoured Technology


Today, videos are consumed at a rapid pace, and so, a large number of videos are produced daily on the internet. In addition, nowadays, video marketers are more favored by the growing technology.


For instance, you cannot deny that a video will receive more attention than a status update or link to a blog/article on Facebook.


  1. SEO Improves through Video Content


If you use video in your content marketing strategy, you might have observed that your website’s SEO will be excellent. 

Do you know reports say that if someone adds video to their website, then getting the website on the front page of Google results is increased by 53 times? Yes, it is true.


  1. Consumer Attention Becomes Strong


Today, millions of content flow all over the internet. So, it is best to use videos to capture attention. Videos are considered one of the best ways to capture consumer’s attention through content marketing.


  1. Opportunities for Greater Optimization


Now, tell us how much of your blog posts did your audience consumes? 

Do they come back often for reading your blogs? Do they share it with their friends? 


You might say that it is hard to give answers to these text-based content. However, videos let you measure drop-off points, click-through rate, or several times watched. You know what is working & what’s not. So, videos help in more excellent optimization and hence, help in achieving more remarkable results. 


  1. Email Click-Throughs are higher with videos


Do you know if you use videos in your emails, it will give better click-through rates? Moreover, Videos help in driving more fantastic results and conversions. 

Reports say that videos embedded in emails show double click-through rates. It will make your email marketing more effective.


  1. Higher Retention Rates


For instance, if you are reading a text-based content, it is likely possible that you might read some part of the content or skipping the whole content and focussing only on some essential points. However, if you watch a video, you might watch the 3/4th of the video or the full video.


So, if you want your message to reach your audience effectively, then use videos. The report says that 65% of viewers are more likely to watch 3/4th of the content.


  1. Conversions are Increased


Videos help in high conversions. 71% of marketers say that video conversions are better than any other content marketing form.


  1. Emotional Connections becomes Strong


Videos are the best way to make a strong connection with the audience. It helps evoke emotions online by using facial expressions, voice tone, music, etc.


Videos positively impact the decisions of customers. Customers may not feel the immediate need to purchase the product from an emotion-filled video. But, they are more likely to buy that product at a later phase. 


  1. Rise in Accessibility


Creating videos consume a lot of time, effort, and money. Today, with the help of video production companies, excellent video content is published all over the web. In addition, these videos have helped a lot of businesses achieve their business goals.



Now, you have learned how video is helpful in your content marketing strategy. 

To enjoy the benefits of content marketing, you need an effective, engaging, and entertaining video. But, if your video doesn’t attract your audience then, all your effort and time would be wasted.

So, hire video marketers and professionals for your effective and successful branding.

Connect with us today! We assure you to help through all the stages of video production at an affordable cost.

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