Introducing the eMotion Talk Podcast

Hey! Do you love listening to the podcast? We are sure you definitely love to.

We often get busy with our works and do not get enough time to spend on enhancing our knowledge and skills.

That’s where podcasts come handy, being the easy medium to consume knowledge & entertainment while doing things at work, at home, or doing your commute.

Podcasts do not just give you the freedom to listen from anywhere but also provide the right amount of knowledge and entertainment, being perfect for mindless chores.

So, considering these benefits, we too decided to bring an audio experience for you. And, so we welcome you to The e-Motion Talk, brought to you by Webwooz Media

We dedicate this podcast to creative minds like you, including, business owners, CEO, CMO, Marketing Managers, Sales Head, Entrepreneurs, and the gang of artists!


We, humans, love stories.

Humans >> Stories >> eMotion >> Business

You may have an excellent story to tell about your company. But you may face a tough time in simplifying it for your audience. Here, we are going to explore in-depth conversation from capturing audiences’ attention to learning about visual storytelling.

In addition, eMotion Talk covers the changes and development in the creative industry. To dig deeper into the creative universe, it discusses the range of issues or opportunities… from business to humans in business, storytelling, visual marketing & all the things around motion design videos and multimedia content.


Also, it may happen that we can invite one of your favorite creative artists or your inspiration on the show. After all, we define the eMotion Talk as a combination of stories & emotions that leads to humans in business.


If you ask us, what is our aim behind eMotion Talk? 

Then, our one-line answer is… to be a part of your story or journey, the community.


Thinking where to catch us?

You can grab a cup of coffee and catch us on major podcasting platforms, such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, SoundCloud, and all other podcast-listening apps


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Altogether, enjoy the stressless and 100% organic podcast. Stay Tuned! – Webwooz Media 🙂

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