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By now, we are well aware of what Animation ​ ​means. Now it is the time to know what potential the Animation Industry ​holds in India as well as in the rest of the world in the field of e-learning.

The Field of Animation

Creating motion graphics is all about bringing out one’s imagination on the screen; therefore, this field has a lot of potential for talented people of the country. The future of the animation industry in India can be seen as a bright one as it has become a medium of employing many 2-D as well as 3-D animators. This growth is going to be further fuelled by the outsourcing of animation project work by some of West’s animation giants to India.

Technology is growing its leaps and bounds in the industry. These days, computer-generated images have become normal against the time in the past where the frame-by-frame technique was primarily used. Also, in India, the studios have become more advanced in terms of crafting visuals in 2D as well as 3D.

For entertainment, Hollywood produces several animated films throughout the year, and almost all are convincing at their best. These movies go on to earn accolades as well as various awards in the particular category, which gives a ray of hope for others to gain recognition at a global level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Animation in Various Fields

The benefits and cons of using animation in various fields are mentioned in brief as under:

★ Entertainment:

○ Just imagine the static characters comes to life and engaging with the end-user and in a way gaining their attention. The best example can be that of cartoons &/or animated movies that kids, as well as adults, watch with much awe.


★ Education:

○ In contrast to using static images and books, videos make it more straightforward, more vivid, engaging and comfortable for the learners to comprehend. Well-designed animated modules and e-learning may help students learn faster and easier. Animation also helps in explaining tougher topics by showing images and processed that otherwise require only the imagination of the learner.

○ It may not be as effective as it is supposed to be if the target audience cannot comprehend the information correctly. Always keep in mind that the language used in e-learning is a lucid and lay-man language for everybody to quickly understand.


★ Research & Training:

○ Interactive motion design helps in learning topics faster and efficiently and also makes the learning process easy and enjoyable. Interactive e-learning keeps the learner engaged with videos, simulation, graphics, etc. Also, it gives the learner the flexibility of e-learning topics like live experiments which may not be possible to be learned practically—for example, chemical experiments, hazardous actions, etc. More importantly, the learner has the opportunity to re-run and re-do the analysis in case they want to.

○ If not all, some of the real-life learning may be lost in it. Since animation is a recreation, it may not depict the actuality of a video.


When we meet the next time, we shall discuss the pros as well as cons of the use of audio-visual content in various industries in much detail.


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