Communicate through Video Storytelling

Storytelling - People are not interested in your brand, until you use story to invite them in!

As being a non-human, I found your world very fascinating. With curiosity, I spent a lot of time in learning of various stuff. Here, I became fond of multimedia content, video, and media marketing, especially storytelling.

When I was exploring your digital world, I found so many people love to use social media. I wonder why? What’s so interesting about it?

I thought people were wasting their time on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & other amusing media. But as obviously I love finding everything in depth, I started research on some facts about it.

Visual Storytelling

Oh gosh, around 250 million daily users follow Instagram stories, about 150 million are on Snapchat. They’re used to watch video more often. Also, animation marketing videos are using storytelling as a significant component. Do you know why people are crazy about these amusing media? Almost all the animated marketing video these days created based on a story.

Because it delivers a massive effect on users via words, visuals & storytelling, which creates an opportunity.

I felt man; definitely, this strategy can help to create a powerful impact or presentation…whether it’s for a person or business. But again a question click, why storytelling is playing an important part?

People are curious; they love to feel the characters. They are interested to know about the circumstances, conflicts & love to talk about it.

But how? Art, stories, audio or video etc. What? Where’s the strategy?

1. Tell stories. (giving them visuals works best)

2. Curate the stuff, from which people can acquire knowledge.

3. This concept can spark emotional memories & communicate clear stories.

4. Build trust.

Use one “question” at the beginning of each story creation, “Is the story good enough to push the audience towards decision making?” Let me know what you think and how your brand tells the story!


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