Is Your Video Marketing Working: Make It Work Effectively

Videos have a strong capacity to drive excellent results on your investment. The returns from video marketing are so high, but for that, you will first have to understand the video creation process. In other words, you will have to know how to make the most out of videos.

All the significant production companies are using an organized process that focuses much on the input of video that includes:

  • understanding business or companies aims, goals or objectives, creating a killer concept building a strong relationship with the audience, and,
  • focusing on the output of videos.


Understanding basic video creation process:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production


Now, let us dive deeply into each of these stages.


  1. Pre-production

Pre-production process involves many steps which are as follows:


(a) Strategic planning and Kick-off –

The video needs an excellent plan and Kick-off to be great and engaging. This process helps businesses find a great understanding of business objectives or goals, and they discover some of the best ways to achieve these goals. You and your production partner (suppose you are working with an outsourced team) find answers to some of the questions related to your business such as:

  • What is the need for video,
  • What are creative preferences and similar issues?

If the outsource team is handling your video marketing, then, they can also focus on:

  • What services your brand or company is providing
  • Holding queries in the kick-off meeting and clarifying all questions to make sure all the shareholders are on the same page regarding a project.


(b) Scriptwriting –

Scriptwriting is a crucial step that can make or break a video. It lets you know whether your video partners have a great understanding of your business or not. Being a company, you should ask some of the questions while reading the script:

  • Does scriptwriting represents your brand, and,
  • Does it touches the pain points of your target audience

In this process, you have to make sure that your video message is not loaded with extra brand features. Sometimes, clients aren’t able to relinquish control, and as a result, many of the videos go wrong in the production process.


(c) Storyboarding/Visual conception –

It is the stage where all things become exciting. When the script is approved and confirmed, the next step involves the development of storyboards and visual styles for your video. Here, you can guess visually what shape your video will take. Also, you will be able to provide feedback, but if you don’t like where things are going, then it’s time to take some necessary steps.


  1. Production

The production process involves steps such as:


(a) Animation – 

Once all the things are put in place now comes the turn to animate. The animation is a time consuming and complicated process. An animator needs to create all the elements for each scene in a video, layer them all, and set them in motion, frame by frame. For instance, animating a few seconds of video takes a lot of time. So, always make sure to share all your feedback at this stage. It helps speed up the process of video marketing.


(b) Voice-over –

Voice-over is the second most necessary step after scriptwriting in the video production process. Voice over is the medium that adds emotion to your video. Voice over professional sprinkle’s emotions and make your audience feel that emotion in the form of happiness, excitement, and compassion. Above all, the voice-over sprinkles human touch to your story.

Now, let us know some of the reasons why to go for a professional voice-over:

  • Credibility: If you want to convert your previous audience into customers, then trust is the only key to achieve that, and choosing the right voice-over lets you build that trust. When you have a voice artist who speaks in a similar language as your audience, a great connection is established with your audience and your chances of conversion increases.
  • Personality: The voice-over of your video should match the nature of your brand. Then only it can represent you the right way in front of your audience. In other words, a Good voice over artist is the one who can immediately connect with your audience and make your audience feel confident about your offering.
  • Overall quality: Good voice-over increases the quality of your video. Aside from high-quality visuals, video with the best quality voice over helps in increasing the quality of the video.


  1. Post-production:

Post-production involves sound design and mixing.

  • Sound Design and Mixing

When the sound design is added to your video, it acts as multisensory icing on the cake and completes and makes your video completely ready.


Now, you may be understanding how much time, money, and effort is needed in creating a high-quality video. For creating a high-quality video, it takes around 8 to 10 weeks for production.


Creating a video marketing strategy and using it throughout your marketing funnel?

Well, video not only helps in driving awareness, but it also drives results throughout the buyer’s journey. Only you need to deliver your message by using a committed and robust video strategy in video marketing.

Now, let us look what your marketing funnel with videos look –


1) Pre-Funnel Video

Video ads are beneficial for increasing CTRs. But, if you want to reach your audience through Google ads or Facebook, then videos are the best opportunity to connect with the new audience on your site or landing page or retarget your previous site visitors.

2) Top-of-Funnel Video

Once your audience has landed on your landing page or home page, now the time comes to make them more knowledgeable about your services in an engaging way. Videos are designed in a manner that provides clarity around your unique value proposition and therefore, drives the audience towards a specific conversion point. In addition, Conversion points vary from getting on your email list to downloading an ebook, registering for a webinar, etc.

You can also try some other video ideas like:

  • Using Simple explainer videos that help you introduce your product or services to your audience,
  • Educational videos can be used to educate your audience, and,
  • Use of Company culture and values videos that help feature your employees. Your audience always prefers to listen to the ones whom they can trust or connect with easily.

3) Middle-of-Funnel Video

At this stage, you may get ideas on how to drive your audience into the top of the marketing funnel. Well, the fact says that money gets made in the middle of the funnel. So, this stage is a gold mine of opportunities for you as your audience start to consider their buying options.

Now, let us look at some related thoughts:

  • A product or service demo video allows your customers to gain in-depth knowledge about your product or software without your sales team effort. When they have a conversation with sales, they become much more lead qualified leads than ever before.
  • A video case study or testimonial develops a tremendous human connection between your prospective customers and your past customers. Capturing your happiest customers on camera sounds more powerful than the written case study.

4) Bottom-of-Funnel video

It is a great place to keep your customers engaged and satisfied with the education and ongoing support. Well, at this stage you should take some significant steps such as –

  • Use a Welcome video to add homely feeling among your customers,
  • Product feature should be used in announcing new features release and showing the paths to use them,
  • Creating FAQ videos to help solve your customer’s most common questions, and, 
  • Use of Best practice videos or an onboarding video that teaches your customers how to use your product and get the maximum benefit and so on. It helps with customer retention.

Well, like these helpful videos, there are a lot of ways to help your customers in the bottom marketing funnel. A full-funnel video marketing strategy, therefore, plays out a significant role in marketing.



Now, you have learned a lot about how to use video in the marketing of your brand/business effectively. You have seen how much effort and time is invested in creating and implementing a great video strategy.

But, your whole marketing and branding revolve around your video. If your video doesn’t resonate with your audience, all effort and time would be wasted.

So, it’s better to hire video marketers and professionals for your perfect and successful branding and marketing.

Well, if you are looking for a renowned and trusted video partner to help you create a fantastic video that speaks with your audience, then connect with us today!

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