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Top Three Ways to Increase Marketing Videos Exposure

Do you know by the end of 2021, it is estimated that 69% of all the online traffic will be coming from online marketing videos? Yeah, it’s true.

In today’s marketing era, almost every marketer uses video marketing or is planning to start soon. But the problem says that unfortunately, most of them do it poorly. You can see there are so many businesses that start a YouTube channel and add some videos expecting to reach a whole new market. But the truth says that nothing happens. It is for sure that they get a few views from people around their office, maybe from friends and family. But it doesn’t work.

 Now, improper traction may discourage many, and they will stop video marketing. However, the increasing use of marketing videos says that staying out of the motion picture is not a fruitful decision. You might be now worried about whether your current methods of video distribution are getting eyes on the screen or not.

Steps to Boost Exposure for your Marketing Videos

At Webwooz, we know some of the great tactics to boost exposure for your videos. So, here we’re going to share some tried and true ways to increase your exposure and clients.


1.Track Your Engagement

Do you know the first step to increase your video marketing exposure is to understand what your objectives/goals are, what metrics you’ll be tracking over your campaign? 

Now, figuring out what actions you want your viewers to take is essential because it can help you identify the level of success and hence, providing you with an idea to create better videos in the future.

Well, your call-to-action should be easy to see and accomplish. You can find multiple items to track. Depending on your aim/goal, some call-to-actions will be more valuable to increase exposure than the other ones.

If you want more exposure, you need to create shareable marketing videos and promote conversation. Greater reach means greater exposure. Besides, add an offer or free resource to let your video be shared amongst colleagues. 

Also, get involved in discussing a controversial industry niche to increase engagement on social media and deliver value in your content. However, if you want extra exposure, then, become a part of the conversation you hope to create.


2.Optimize for Search

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the video has very great importance. It is said that about half of all the internet traffic comes from marketing videos. Also, good videos help in a higher ranking on search engines. It also helps in increasing your exposure.

Now, let us have a look at some of the real data:

For instance, a company is involved in offering financial services to software companies. It uses the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find keyword ideas. Research says that hundreds of software professionals search to explore different business models and pricing models. 

So, if this company starts creating detailed videos explaining different business models software and SaaS companies, and they rank on Google and YouTube for SaaS Business Models, then it means new leads for every month.

Well, there are many other steps to rank for video marketing. And, these steps involve something like figuring out the needs of your audience by asking questions and using keyword research for your potential customers. Marketing videos not only improve your search engine rankings but also drive your targeted traffic.


3.Create Quality and Valuable Content

 If you want to see whether your brand exposure is increasing or decreasing, you can identify that with the help of videos. It will help if you understand how long people tune in to your video.

Now, audience retention is something that you wish to have. However, it’s seen that marketing videos get watched to the end only for around 50% of the time on average. There are only some factors that improve retention (like the length of the video, subject matter, and the target audience).

Improving retention rate begins with creating highly valuable quality content. A watchable content that is easy and enjoyable to watch. If you provide relevant content, then chances are your audience will come back for your next video.

Also, make sure to go for some more tips to achieve “watchability”:

  • Try to keep your view endearingly and entertainingly and further encourage your audience to take your desired call-to-action,
  • Avoid the use of words that give viewers an idea to leave. For example, “Well, I think that about…),
  • Never tease your audience, And, don’t give away the freebies or offers too soon because they’ll leave as quickly as their wish is fulfilled.

Essential Tip for Exposure

Do you know we’ve found one of the best ways to get your marketing videos watched, enjoyed, and shared with others?

And, that is Storytelling.

We at Webwooz Media love Storytelling. Let your audience tune out by conveying information. A good story has a great power to attract people and is eligible to take your audience on a journey into a world.

And, if you want some well-established brand to work on Storytelling and increasing your exposure, we may be your solution. Let’s start the conversation!

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